Thursday, January 20, 2022

January 10-21, 2022

Remote school is not fun. COVID is running rampant with the OMICRON variant. We are still doing puzzles, playing PS5, and very thankful for our pets.
And that it was Wildcard Weekend in NFL football. 

Monday, Ally was back at her desk for remote school. 

She was not thrilled about it or me taking pictures.

After school she got to open a Fab Fit Fun box.

Tuesday morning before school. 

Hot cocoa in her Cloey mug during morning break.

But after lunch it all became a little too hard. Ally asked for help from me, emailed her teacher and and took a break. Cloey immediately curled up with her for an afternoon nap.

After her nap Ally was in a much better place and we finished our puzzle. 

So much love from Daisy.

Wednesday Ally went to Tommy’s house to do remote school there. 

She asked me to bring Cloey when I picked her up so Cloey could meet Tiger (Tommy’s dog).

Thursday. Morning snack of cocoa and a muffin. 

Afternoon class on the couch with Cloey.

Friday we left the house after school so the cleaners could come for the first time in a month. 

Then later it was lots of PS5 time. 

I’m starting to feel left out. I don’t have a pet that snuggles with me.

Saturday morning was very cold. Becky was not happy to take Cloey outside. 

But she was happy to warm up with coffee and a donut.

Saturday night we watched the Patriots vs Bills.
Patriots lost. But it was some good family time.

Sunday and Monday more football, more PS5

Trying to stay warm.

Mornings breakfast in bed with the pets.

And before you know it today is Thursday and we’ve almost made it thru these two weeks.

Friday Tommy came over for after noon class and stayed for dinner. I found Ally in her room later hanging out in a good mood;

It’s such a relief to be done with remote school. We are all so glad it’s back to classes and basketball next week.

She did great the past two weeks and I am so proud of her. 

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