Saturday, August 16, 2008

Collin.s P.a.r.k

Just like on Mother's Day we had to go eat at J.umpin J.acks while we were visiting my parents. This time we also explored Collin.s Park. As you can tell Ally enjoys her time at any park - whether it is in NY or MA.

One other fun thing we did over the weekend was spend some time with the Grecos. I am very sorry I did not get out my camera, but the Greco Girls were so nice playing with Ally - sharing their toys and throwing the ball to her. A big memory for Becky and I was "Rock-a-rella". Ally was so enthralled with the music playing guitar and she is in awe of the "big girls". Thanks for a fun time.

We were waiting to every one to get ready to go and so Ally and I were outside in the front yard.

She picks her feet up so high when she walks in the grass.

Ally soon tired of the grass and asked to get in the car. She was pretty thrilled to sit on the actual seat and not in her car seat.

Can you tell she is not thrilled to wear a seat belt? This was fine with us, because then she did not protest when we were all ready to leave and it was time to get in her carseat.

I just couldn't decide which one to post - so you get 2.

Ally was pretty psyched with the new and different playground equipment.

Mama rode down the slide next to Ally.

But next time she was determined to do it herself.

Can you tell she had a great time?

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