Sunday, August 10, 2008

My First Popsicle

I finally gave in to my mommy and tried a Popsicle. Mama says that one summer at camp mommy lived on Popsicles. In case you don't know I'm not a fan of trying new food, but mommy has been encouraging me to lick her Popsicles and today she offered me one of my own. Then she proceeded to take 60 pictures of me eating it. Thank goodness she did not post of all of them below. I have to admit that I was encouraging her, I kept asking her to take more pictures of me. She says she posted the best of the bunch.

Can you tell I like it?

This two hand thing is complicated. And my chest got all sticky.

Oops, at the end it fell off the stick and I asked for more and mommy gave me another one!

Oh and mommy said to say she'll have pictures from this weekend with Grandma Barb, Grandpa Frank and Aunt Martha up later this week. She was so excited that I ate a Popsicle she wanted to share that now.

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Gwen, Jenny, & Mia said...

Looks like Ally liked her popsicle! Was she buzzed afterward from the sugar??n She is pretty talented with the two hand popsicle eating.