Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2nd Christmas Celebration

Becky's parents left on Saturday 12/26 and with more snow predicted for this week (it was a bust) we left in a hurry to my parents' house on Sunday afternoon. We would have never gotten on the road so soon without Beth. Aunt Beth pitched in again and kept Ally occupied so we could get the car packed and the house ready. We dropped her off at the bus station on our way out of town.
I don't know if its because she is getting older, or if its pre-school and all that socialization without us, or if its that she has seen my parents a lot this fall, but Ally was right at home - she got out of the car and ran over to see my mom (Ally slipped on the icy driveway - but the spirit was there). It was pretty neat. Usually she is extremely clingy when we get there and only warms up when its time to leave. This trip was the opposite - clingy to us at the end, which I think is b/c she was tuckered out from all the visiting and gifts and excitement. She was pretty happy to get home today. This picture was taken soon after we arrived. Its only a 3 1/2 hour drive but Ally was great - slept for about 60 minutes, played quietly and watched Clifford for about an hour. She also stayed dry in her pull-up the entire trip. 3 hours and 30 minutes and perfectly dry! We had her wear a pull-up so she could nap in the car and not have to worry. We were impressed. On the way home today she did it again - we stopped for Becky and I to use the bathroom but Ally said she didn't have to go, and she did not.

My mom got an i-pod for Christmas from Gruncle (her brother, Phil). We got her an i-tunes gift card and some headphones. Becky spent most of the past 2 days setting it up, downloading music, and showing my mom how to use it. Mom was pretty good at it. Way to go Barb!

My dad and I received matching oven mits. Becky got one too - hers was the Patriots, not the Giants.

Ally wore her new Pinkalicious pajamas to bed (yes with Woody from Toy Story socks - gotta love it!). My Aunt Martha found these - they are adorable. Tonight Ally demanded to wear them again. Good thing we did laundry as soon as we came home.

Tried to drop myself out of this picture - its a bad shot of me - but I had to show you what Ally was wearing.

And not wearing. We had a fire going in the family room and she was hot so she stripped down and proceeded to dance and jump around.

Ally got a really cool game from my bff Michelle and her family.

Ally loves this game - she and Becky have played at least 15 times today.

Another thing from the past few days that I have not managed to get a picture of but wanted to mention is that Ally has a new favorite stuffed animal - its not as special as Ernie, but her cat animal that Grandma Debbie and Poppi gave her for Christmas is with her constantly. We named the cat Clarice (for Rudolph's girlfriend) and Ally sleeps with it and insisted it come to my parents' house with us. And grandma - she even found a new "nest" for it!
Thank-you to everyone for the special gifts that Ally received. She is a very lucky girl and we are all so blessed.

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Mama Bear said...

what a fun time and a special celebration. Loved all the pictures. She's getting so grown up, oh my!!!