Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Santa Visit 2009

This year's picture with Santa was a family portrait. Ally refused to sit on his lap or on the rocking horse next to him. She would not even stand next to him. Santa was a good sport and tried pretty hard to coax her but she would have nothing to do with touching him.
And just so you can remember Santa 2007:

Santa visit 2007 she refused to get out of her stroller.
Oh well - maybe 2010 will be different!
It was fun anyway.

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Mama Bear said...

ok, I had to chuckle! I'll have to find our last year's picture, it was a pretty good one of just mommy and Santa!!! AFTER waiting TWO HOURS to see Santa. Hmmmmmm, mommy wasn't laughing much as we walked out!!! hehehehehe so we can RELATE