Friday, December 11, 2009

Saturday Dec 5

It has taken me all week to get this post complete.

Ally might be having a hard time getting asleep, but I have been having a hard time staying asleep. Last Saturday I was up at 345AM. I watched some TV, called my mom and finally around 6AM I went to Dunkin Donuts. How could I resist a pink frosted with sprinkles donut for Ally?

She loved it!

I think her smile says it all.

Later in the day Ally and Becky did Arts and Crafts. Ally had been asking for glitter. She wanted to re-create an Art project she made last year at her playgroup.

Lots of fun squeezing the glue

sprinkling the glitter

then we figured out that it worked better to pour the glitter

glitter was all over her hands!

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Mama Bear said...

Cute and what fun! clever with the baking pan. Will keep that in mind!!!