Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas 2009

Merry Christmas!!!!

This is a pretty quick post - I have more to say and more pictures to upload, but our Internet is pretty shaky this week and so I want to get something up today asap for all of you our faithful followers. We've had a great day - Ally is pretty wiped out from "opening packages" and being the center of attention. But we've been happy to have Aunt Beth, Grandma Debbie and Poppi here to celebrate with us.

Christmas Eve morning - Becky gave Ally a special ornament that Becky made (by hand - she designed an stitched Ernie herself, no pattern and no machine - just me encouraging her). Aunt Beth made Ally the cute snowman jumper!

During the week Debbie and Ally made reindeer food - they had to leave it out for them last night so they would have something eat when Santa stopped at our house.

We went swimming at the hotel pool yesterday and then ate our traditional tamale dinner. Its one thing we do to celebrate Ally's heritage.

Christmas Morning:

Christmas morning mama and Ally wore matching socks.

Stockings were laid on the sofa with care...

Poppi was a good sport as always

mama too

I bought Ally and Becky a Lego dollhouse.

Opening gifts

Ally was pretty excited with her wand and glow stick. We did not make it thru all the present opening, and its now 5Pm and she's still not interested in more gifts!

Playing with and putting together the dollhouse was a big hit!

Poppi and Ally played together.

Even Grandma got in on the fun.

Aunt Beth stuffed the turkey!

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Mama Bear said...

awesome awesome awesome. That little princess of yours is soooo cute! Love her outfits and Becky has sooooo much talent. Sigh...if only I could have a pinky finger of that creative talent and with NO PATTERN, wowser! it is truly adorable and what a cute dollhouse.
Happy Holidays to all of you.