Thursday, December 10, 2009

Hold it up higher

One night before bed Ally was eating a banana - I told her to hold it up higher (as in on the banana itself) so the banana would not break in half. Earlier in the day she had been eating a banana in the car and it broke in half , after demanding I fix it, which I attempted to do she finally decided it was funny that the banana fell on the floor. So this night I was merely trying to prevent a "banana broke-fix it-mommy situation". I have not yet mastered the art of banana repair.
But true to form Ally did in fact "hold the banana up higher", above her head higher. We all laughed so hard - I think she thought I was so silly for telling her to hold it higher.

Another couple of other silly Ally-isms lately:
She asked mama "what are rain boots for?" Becky in a very straight face asked her - "what do you think Ally?" to which Ally replied "for rain". Becky laughed so hard I think she snorted.

Ally has been having a hard time getting to sleep - last night it was 10PM and Becky went in to re-sent her Twilight Turtle night light. Ally asks over the monitor "Stars please...I can't see the stars...stars please?" When she went in Ally asked for her sock. So Becky turned on the light to look for it, only to see that Ally had taken off her pajama pants and one of her socks! Then she asked for dinner - she was hungry. Becky and I were in stitches. It was 10PM. But how could we disagree - dinner had been hours ago, we were eating late night snacks so it made sense that Ally was hungry too. Ally was just so silly and so adorable and so tired. But 1 banana later with her pants and sock back on and she was asleep by 1030.

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Mama Bear said...

Don't they just crack you up at this stage??? Ally is so dang cute, how can you even say anything with a straight face. TOOOOO funny!