Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Saturday - not so typical

Saturday started out OK - Ally and I went to gymnastics as usual, then to the gym for me to get exercise and Ally played in the nursery while I did my elliptical machine, then we had lunch at Panera. I took the picture above at Panera. Ally is just so much fun. It was so pleasant to sit and eat a meal with her.
After lunch we went to the toy store to look around and not once did Ally ask me to buy her anything. We plan on going back next week with her wallet so if she wants to buy something with her eye drop earnings she can.
Then it was off to the library.
At the library I got a call from Becky "please come home - I was trying to put the table leaf in the closet and it fell on my head and I am bleeding from my head." I calmly told Ally we had to leave right away, drove home and then we all piled back into the car to take Becky to urgent care.

She did not need actual stitches - just steri-strips to keep the wound closed.

 After that we decided it was time for a movie - so Becky and Ally and Nali our cat settled in to watch Sleeping Beauty - we checked it out of the library earlier and it was Ally's first time to watch it.
I don't think she was that impressed.
I have a feeling that Aurora will not be a favorite princess.

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