Monday, September 15, 2014

A sign of things to come?

A few weeks ago Ally asked about putting a streak of color in her hair “sometime”. I think this is an “American.G.irl” doll inspiration / influence. But I said sure. I saw some wash out color crayons for hair marketed for kids at our local drug store.

Then on Saturday she asked about it again saying to us “do you remember when you said…?” Becky answered first and said we’d have to think about it. But before Ally could even protest I explained that I already said yes she could, and asked if Ally wanted to do it soon. She said YES. So on the way home we stopped and got the special crayons.

Sunday morning she wanted me to put it in her hair – so she could wear it to church and then to Alice’s party. So I did. The blue looked really neat, the pink was really hard to see.


A streak of blue and a streak of pink in the back, and small piece of blue in the front. Ally LOVED it. She asked me to put the blue in again for school on Monday. So we did. And yes it washed out easily, she had fun looking at the colored water in the shower as it all washed out. Sometimes its simple things like this.

It is a bit curious to me that she was so excited about the color, and not at all self conscious, but doing her hair in braids or 2 pig tails makes her self conscious. But she was so excited and kept saying “its so pretty”.

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