Thursday, September 11, 2014

Sick Day

Ally stayed home from school sick on day 7 of school! Hopefully she will stay healthy the rest of the year. But she had a cold and a fever, so no school.


We made cookies and she said she was “so excited to eat them” but then took a tiny bite and asked to “save it for later” later never came. She never asked for the rest of the cookie or any other cookies and a week later we threw them away. Its amazing to me. And the cookies were delicious, I know, since I ate some and brought some to work.


I had explained to Ally that she would need to do her reading for the day and that she had to try and nap. A sick day wasn’t just for fun it was a day to rest and try and feel better. Here she is above reading. Soon after this she feel asleep and took a two hour nap!


After nap she watched some TV. I offered a movie, but as she often decides when she is tired or not feeling right, she chose TV shows instead. She is amazingly self aware, and when she can’t focus or knows her attention span won’t last she picks TV over a movie. I let her watch 3 shows and  then she played on her Leap.ster for  while. She was delighted to have Cloey snuggled in with her on the couch.

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