Thursday, September 25, 2014

All Day Play Date

Ally had a day of school for Rosh Hosh.ashana. I swapped with some neighborhood moms to share child care for the day. I  dropped Ally off at her friend Maya’s house at 730 am in her pajamas. At 1230 Maya, Olive and Ally came to our house for the afternoon. Still in their pajamas. Olive was picked up at 2pm for a doctor’s appointment, but Maya stayed until 5pm.

The girls got along really well all day. They did crafts, played family and school. Played soccer in our yard and hula-hooped. We went to the park (yes with them in pajamas). It was a fun day.

Here are some park pictures.


I just loved the rain boots and pajamas fashion. When we got to the park they seemed a little hesitant about their pajama look, there were other kids there. I told them if anyone asked, just to say they had a “pajama play date” that worked and then they gleefully played together.


When we got home, they ate snack on the porch.

Fun day with friends. And I was glad to get a full day of work in on a school holiday!

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