Friday, September 12, 2014




While walking Cloey one day we came across this beautiful hibiscus bush. We are so excited about our trip to Hawaii in February that anytime we come across something that reminds us of it we stop to talk about it. 

A curious thing about Cloey is that when she is scared or sleeping her tail un-curls and lies flat down her butt, like in the picture on the right. It is so adorable. Then when she is comfortable the tail curls right back up again.


Carl and Nali are still best buds and spend most of the day on our bed cuddled together. Nali hisses anytime Cloey gets near him, but Carl is intrigued.


We let Ally try sleeping with Cloey in her bed. It was ok. The 1st night it took them a long time to get to sleep. Cloey finally passed out after about 30 minutes, but Ally was so delighted that it took her about an hour more. But the cuteness factor was almost too much. We agreed they could try on weekend nights. We’ve had mixed results.


School is back in session which means we’re back to Ally and mommy adventures on the weekend so Becky can do school work. One afternoon Ally requested a “Really big fort” so we constructed one using sheets and blankets and chairs and her mat. It was so big inside we were able to sit up and play Trouble.


She was pretty happy about it.


In Spanish class one day their homework was to play Chutes and Ladders, and they had to count out and say the numbers in Spanish. It was a teacher-made board numbered with numbers over 100 so the students practiced large numbers. Ally and I played a lot – like 5 games. I admit it I lost every time.

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