Thursday, February 14, 2019

Happy Valentine’s Day 2019

We hosted a small Valentine Party for Ally and her close group of friends. The same group who came to her birthday party. Which was 24 hours after we moved in and when they all arrived today I had to smile at their exclamations of joy “you have furniture” was my favorite quote. It’s almost 3 months to the day since we moved in. And yes we have furniture and art work and feel moved in.

Ally opened one gift before school.

The table all set. pirates booty and strawberries plus a couple kinds of candy. 

As soon as they got home from school Ally ran upstairs to get her kitten and all of the girls piled on the couch to see Daisy.

They are some snack and then got down to business

Cookie decorating. Our local supermarket sells sugar cookie and bags of icing and sprinkles to decorate. The girls had so much fun.


Photobombing by Coco but Olive and Maya

Daniela made a broken heart cookie with frowns on each side 

Maya’s Love cookie

Coco was amazing with piping.

Daniela, Coco (Colette), Willow, Cata (Catalina), Juli (Juliana), Olive & Maya. Ally is in top row.

We asked each girl to bring a small gift less than $10 for a swap. They seemed to enjoy that too. Then they went upstairs and hung out for an hour or so.

Ally took a break after her friends left. 

I treated myself to some new red shoes! I love them.

One more gift before bed.

Best gift I got was a home made card from Ally: 

What a fun day.

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