Sunday, February 17, 2019

Weekend in Review

This weekend has been a whirlwind of activity, from
getting Ally’s glasses right after school to then going to practice 

Saturday morning was a bit lazy for Ally while waiting to go to her gymnastics meet.

Finally it was time to leave at 1115 for the 110 warmup. This meet was over an hour away.

Ally has had a great year on team socially. She is the oldest but she has started to think of many of these girls as her friends as well as her teammates. 
Ally, Katherine, Eliana, Dahlia top row
Mia, Stella, Autumn, Persifoni bottom row

Saluting before the start:

Ally had a good meet. The judges were extremely tough. All scores were a half to a full point lower than last week. Not just our team but for everyone. And we competed against some of the same teams as last week. 
Ally worked hard all week on her beam routine and even had a private lesson one day. She fell on her back walk over but did manage to nail the full turn. 

Ally said she was most proud of her floor routine. Even though it was such a low score she felt she did well. 

Floor 8.7. 2nd place

Vault 9.225 5th place 

Bars 8.925 3rd place 

Beam 7.850 did not place 

34.7 All Around 4th place 

Adorably holding hand with her teammate Persifoni who came in first on bars in their age group.

So happy with her 4th place finish.

I asked her after the meet how it rated on the fun scale 1 to 10 and she said a 7.

Makes it worth it to me. That and her smile.

Her team placed 3rd 

She got a shamrock shake afterwards

Today Sunday we had a vacation worthy breakfast. Waffles with whipped cream and strawberries.

Ally cleaned her room, packed her carry on, did her daily reading and stretching and conditioning. And watched more Dance Moms.

She called me in to take this picture of her and Daisy.

This kitten loves Ally so much. She follows her around and cries when she can’t get to Ally. 

Ally loves her too. It’s such a great fit. They are going to miss each other a lot next week.

Becky and I packed and got the house ready. And enormous feat. Ready for getting air conditioning installed while we are away next week. And I had to go into the office today and wrap some things up for not being here next week.

But I did manage to fit in mani-pedis with Ally.

Ally had a friend over for bit in the afternoon and then it was dinner so TV and conversation and then bed. We are feeling a bit melancholy here today. Missing Grandma Barbie who we spent every February break with. It’s just a little strange.

But we are excited to see Gruncle Phil and Aunt Suzie tomorrow.

And one last Ally and Daisy picture.


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