Friday, February 15, 2019

New Look

Last week Ally had her annual physical. She weighs 88 pounds and is 58” tall (4’10”) no shots because I emailed the doctor in advance and asked to postpone them until after meet season. We go back in 3 months to check in and do the shots then.  The doctor wants to have some blood tests to make sure Ally’s as healthy as she can be, so we’ll do the blood draw before the check up. But the big news is that Ally failed her vision test.
I was stunned. 
I made her do it again. She failed again.

Ally has always commented on how she’s glad she doesn’t wear glasses and she spent the 4 days until we got in to the eye doctor a little worried about it. 

So I made an appointment as soon as possible at our best local optometrist, where Becky goes too and on Tuesday I brought Ally in. 
In the car before we went in Ally said to me “I’m nervous... things are a little blurry sometimes” 
I was shocked.
It was amazing to experience the vision assessment and see how much better Ally’s eyesight was with corrective lenses.
So much better that Ally didn’t even know what she’d been missing. 

We picked out two pair of frames so she’d always have a pair to wear. And today after school before practice we picked one pair up. I begged them to have a pair ready so we can take them to Arizona on Monday and so Ally would have all of vacation to get used to wearing them. We’ll pick up her second pair when we get home. 

Trying them on for the first time. 

Outside before we got back in the car. 
Ally does feel a bit self conscious and “weird” wearing them. (Her words) but she knows how much better she can see and knows she needs to wear them for reading the board at school or any place she needs to look at things from a distance. 

Of course I think she looks gorgeous. 

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