Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Tucson Day 2

The sun was shining melting the snow that fell overnight on the mountains. Shining sun and snow persuaded Ally to leave her iPad and take more pictures!

But it was a chilly 40 degrees so inside we went. For about 20 minutes so Ally could get dressed then back out again

But her “wavy frizzy” hair was driving the tween crazy so at her request we went inside to straighten it. Then back out again

We started a puzzle today and then headed out to the Sonoran Desert Museum.

The forests of Saguaro Cacti are breathtaking. These are views from the car on the drive there.

Pipe organ cactus was the back drop for many pictures. 

Ally climbed up a tall rock outcropping.
And posed for more gymnastics pictures

We saw lots of animals:


Mule deer


Big horn sheep

And the most unusual thing:

A sunscreen dispenser in the bathroom!

It was chilly only about 50degrees and people commented on how could Ally be warm enough. But she was. Aunt Suzie was so cold she wore the extra sweatshirt I brought for Ally! 

Me with pipe organ cacti.

My favorite part was the cactus garden. It was amazing to see all the different varieties of cacti.

Becky with pipe organ cacti!

We left the museum and drove to Saguaro National Park. It was just like I remembered from childhood and I was so happy to show Becky and Ally this part of Arizona.

We stopped and walked a nature trail for a while. It was fantastic to see the desert up close.

Ally had fun taking selfies. She keeps saying the light here is great.

And Becky posed like a cactus:

While I hid behind one

One last leap and look

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