Thursday, December 23, 2010


For Christmas we usually give Becky's family a holiday themed puzzle. We can't bear to throw them out, and last year's puzzle was a Rudolph scene. When Ally saw it this year she insisted on putting it together. It was a fixture on her craft table for about 2 weeks. Ally was quite determined to get it completed.
working the puzzle with mama (I'm not a puzzle person)

Love the sly smile

But this is my favorite - Ally takes a puzzle piece and holds it up to the picture of the puzzle to try and figure out where on the puzzle it goes.

Here is the last picture I took of them working on it. They did finish it but I did not get a picture of it completed before we took it apart and put it away for next year.

Another Christmas tradition for us is that Becky makes Ally an ornament each year. This year it was a Chickie - since Ally had such a wonderful time with the chicks she hatched in her classroom last Spring.

Ally loves her mama

The trio - Goodnight Gorilla from 2008, Ernie 2009 and Chick 2010.

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Helen said...

Merry Christmas Julie, Becky and Ally from John and Helen. Love seeing Ally work on the puzzle and her cute drawings!