Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Visit with Santa 2010

First - I need to apologize to Grandma Debbie. We took Ally to see Santa already. I am sorry. I did not realize that Becky told you we would wait and do that next week when you come to visit. I asked Ally out loud if she wanted to go, and there was no taking it back or talking her out of it once I asked. So we took her. But I did get some good pictures.

2007 with Santa - before she could walk - so we just put her on his knee and walked away to take the picture.

2008 - she cried even with him just standing next to her, so we did not bother to get her out of the stroller.

2009 she would not sit on his lap and would only let a picture be taken if we did it with her.

2010 - she did it! All by herself. She was so proud of herself, and we were proud of her too.
He asked if her if she wanted anything for Christmas, and since we don't talk about Santa that way she was a bit confused. So he quickly moved on and offered her a lollipop.
Ally likes to point out that both she and Santa are wearing red pants.

Here we are - just after the Santa picture, and of course Ally chose a red lollipop.


Pam said...

YAY Ally!!! I'm so proud of you for sitting on Santa's lap FINALLY! Maybe now you will sit on my lap too! :)

Blue Otters 2010-2011 said...

I love, love, love your holiday card and thanks also for the kind note! The Jupiter dress was a hit! Thanks for a great first half- I couldn't love Ally more.