Monday, December 21, 2020

2020 Photo Shoot

2020 has been a challenging year; a mental health crisis that spiraled into debilitating mental illness, a global pandemic that resulted in remote school, no gymnastics for months and wearing masks in public. Bizarre and crazy and hard. 

But there has been some good. 
Some healing. 
Some fun. 

And our family is still standing. We are together and strong and we know we can get through whatever life brings. 

So I went ahead and contacted our photographer and scheduled a session for early November. She suggested an urban setting this year and I thought that might appeal to Ally and it did. Ally enthusiastically agreed to the photo shoot and was thrilled with the clothes I bought her to wear. It’s her first pair of not denim/not leggings pants in about 10 years! 

Here is a selection of my favorite pictures from the shoot.

Our trademark “kiss sandwich” the upper frame from 2020 and the lower in June of 2008. It’s amazing how fast 12 years has gone by.  So much love. 

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