Thursday, December 24, 2020

December 23

This day always reminds me of my mom, Grandma Barbie. It was her birthday. Is still I suppose, even if she’s not here on earth anymore. 

I’ve been feeling a little more emotional about her lately, the stress of COVID has been getting to me. But today I wanted to be sure to do something to commemorate her.  So this evening Becky, Ally and I spent some time talking about memories of my mom and we looked thru pictures of her together and giggled at her funny expressions and I felt joy in the remembrance of her. 

A few photos:

Ice cream and milk shakes were such a thing with her and she and Ally enjoyed both together many times.

Games; mancala, 


Frozen Free Fall on her iPad 

Feeding the flamingos

Her full on laugh. Becky said this picture is one of her strongest memories because of the gleeful expression on Barb’s face.

But this is my favorite photo of the 4 of us. On Siesta Key beach at Sunset.

My mom and I were not close until a few years after I graduated from college, and then we became friends and travel buddies and eventually she became a Grandma. 

I can only hope one day Ally remembers me with joy and love. 

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