Saturday, December 12, 2020

December 6-12, 2020

Two weeks until Christmas. Hard to believe the end of 2020 is so close, yet it seems life will not be changing much for a long time due to COVID.

This week was filled with medical appointments and gingerbread.

Sunday instead of hiking the sisters baked gingerbread for their gingerbread mansion. It’s not a house. It’s a mansion. 

I took Ally to track, which was actually a going away party for her friend Else who is moving to Sweden for 6 months. As soon as a group of girls arrived they moved as far away from parents as possible.

But did agree to a picture before the end. Maya, Ally, Else, Daniela, Charlotte, Lizzie & Ellie.

No we did not get a dog, Ally is cuddling Ellie’s golden retriever puppy Paisley.

Boys were there too, but they actually did track. They are doing line jumps above.

Monday Cloey wanted to join Ally for school. But we made her leave. Cloey came back for a visit during Ally’s video doctors appointment later in the afternoon. She had a follow up with the rheumatologist. Clean bill of health but the doctor wants to monitor Ally and we will have a follow up in 6 months. 

Opening her advent calendar after practice.

Tuesday I drove Becky to work because I needed the car to take Ally to the orthodontist. We brought Cloey in the car with us to school because currently she cries when we crate her and we wanted Ally to sleep. As soon as Becky got out of the car, Cloey rolled down the window and started to cry, so Becky leaned in and gave her a kiss good bye. 

Ally was at the orthodontist to have one of her front bottom teeth pulled. It was an adult tooth but after 15 months of braces they have been unable to make room for it so the orthodontist decided to pull it. She also had her remaining braces put on. It was quite an appointment and pretty bloody and painful.
They told me she was a trooper.

Missing tooth.

Daisy does make everything better.

Wednesday after practice giving Cloey her advent treat.
Wednesday afternoon Ally had a virtual doctors appointment with her orthopedist. The rheumatologist said we should definitely call and see the orthopedist since Ally’s ankle was still swollen and bruised since Friday (and has not felt 100% since the injury in August). The orthopedist ordered an MRI and an ultrasound. So next week is the MRI and follow up appointment and the ultrasound is December 23.
So that was 3 doctor medical appointments in 3 days! Plus 2 of her regular therapy appointments this week.

Thursday I took Ally back to the private school we are looking at for next year. Her name was on the placard when we walked into the Admissions Office.  We took a tour around the campus, saw lots of classes in session and we each had an interview with the Director of Admissions. Ally is pretty excited about the possibility of going to school here next year so we’re hoping she gets accepted. The school has small class size 10-12 max, a great sports program, an amazing arts center, a built in study skills program, offers Spanish and encourages students to take on leadership positions. It really seems like a great fit. And we found out that 40% of the students are people of color, which really helps Ally feel more comfortable in any environment. 

Ally dressed up for the school visit.

Post visit snuggles with her cat.

Eating biscuits and jam for lunch. Daisy missed Ally so much while we were gone at the school visit she refused to leave her alone. 

 Beth was over on Thursday for gingerbread house construction. On Sunday they baked the pieces this was day 1 of construction. The tree is really remarkable.

This is how far they got on Thursday.

After Beth left Ally opened her advent calendar.

And very professionally held up the shower gel.

Friday morning Cloey and Daisy played while Ally ate breakfast in bed as usual.

It was a late practice 7-9pm Friday night so Ally and her teammates wore matching pajama pants. 

When Ally got home from practice we hung out in the living room while she iced her ankle. Ally had fun drawing with Becky’s iPad.

And Becky had fun playing with Cloey. 
We talked about our highs and lows for the week.
Becky’s high was the time we spent together right then, laughing and hanging out. 

My low was the sad news of a friend’s passing. 

Ally’s high was the school visit, her low was getting her tooth pulled.

Saturday was day 2 of gingerbread construction.

This is how it currently looks.

Ally spent Saturday at her gym. It was the first meet of the season, due to COVID it was virtual. The girls did their routines in their home gyms and zoomed to the judges. Ally helped out for 2 sessions, and was there from 1130-530. 
These pictures were on the gyms Instagram page. 

Back at home after a milkshake and fries Ally opened her advent calendar. Then spent the rest of the evening in her room alone watching TV. It’s what she wanted to do and after 6 hours at the gym with people I get wanting some alone time. And at 14 I also understand that hanging out with your parents is not always that much fun. We had Friday night with her. 

We are all counting the days until Christmas school break. And I’m excited to see the completion of the gingerbread house. 

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