Sunday, December 6, 2020

November 29-December 5, 2020

It was a long week back at work and school after the short Thanksgiving week. Becky’s school went all remote so she was home all day every day. It was nice to have her home but Ally and I laugh every morning because Becky talks so loudly when she teaches and we can hear her from all over the house. 

Sunday Beth came over and we wrapped up and shipped all of our gifts for Dave and Debbie. We will miss seeing them in person for Christmas but the pandemic means we all need to find new ways to connect. We sent them a Portal so we can spend Christmas morning all together live but virtually!

Ally went on a bike ride with Olive and Maya. It was a lovely Sunday afternoon.

Monday morning cuddles with Daisy.

December 1 meant start of Advent Calendars.  This year we got Daisy and Cloey each and Advent Calendar.

And Ally’s is from The Body Shop. Everyday she opens a box with an item from The Body Shop.

She loves it.

Daisy and her belly.

I love how the cat is staring up at Ally.

Lunch during school. Ally was in such a good mood Thursday and so happy for leftover pizza and carrots. She watches TV and eats lunch during her 1 hour lunch break. 

We got some delicious treats from Aunt Martha and Uncle Phil. Thank you!

Friday night Becky and I ran lots of errands while Ally was at practice. We got pizza and ate it in the car. COVID has kept us out of restaurant dining. 

See, so happy with her Advent.  Ally’s ankle started hurting again this week. It swelled up and turned purple on Friday night so she iced it. It hurt a lot on Saturday at practice so I’ll call her orthopedist this week to check in about it.

Saturday morning Ally got Christmas presents in the mail from her Palmer cousins. 

It was a good week.

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