Sunday, December 27, 2020

December 20-26, 2020

Christmas Week!!!

I spent most of the day watching football, Becky did progress reports for school and below hosted a Zoom Youth Group meeting. Ally worked on a science project and relaxed in bed all day long.

I wanted to document the living room Christmas decorations. 

Monday Ally fell asleep as soon as school was over. She was a little burned out from working so hard on her Science project.  Below is the art she created for the project. The original artwork is only part of the project.  She worked so hard all day Sunday and during the school day on Monday.

But she perked up to come downstairs later in the evening to open her advent calendar.

Happy girl on Wednesday because it was the last day of school before vacation. And it was a short day because...

Ally had an ultrasound appointment at Children’s. The ultrasound showed that her ankle was healing, but some of her tendons were still inflamed from her sprain in August and again in November.
So they gave her a cortisone shot to ease the pain and promote the healing. 
Ally thought it was pretty neat. 

There was a skating party later on, and we stopped by but the orthopedist told Ally she was not to skate, so we said hello and hung out for a little bit. 

Later in the day we tried to take a family selfie. This was the best one of the many.  We then watched Home Alone together. 

 Thursday, Christmas Eve day, Becky and I were up early to bake banana bread and put together a special delivery to Beth. Beth was exposed to COVID a few days earlier and was required to quarantine for 10 days. That means we can’t see her in person for Christmas!  

Cloey was so sad to see Becky leave with bags and boxes (for Beth). I think she was afraid Becky was leaving for a long time. 

But soon she was home and Ally was awake and it was time to bake Christmas cookies and dress Cloey up for Christmas.

At 3pm we met up with Aunt Beth and Grandma to decorate cookies. 

Christmas Eve dinner is always tamales. 

After dinner we watched our church Christmas un-pageant and then caught the end of Christmas Eve service, so we were able to sing Silent Night and Joy to the World. Perfect.

After church Becky and Ally watched A Muppet Christmas Carol. 
I finished up some last minute elf work.

Matching Llama Christmas pajamas.

Christmas morning in front of the tree.

This year’s big presents; a PS5 for Becky and an IPad for Ally.
I’m getting a Pelaton delivered in a few weeks! 

The day after Christmas we all went and got tested for COVID. We waited outside for 40 minutes. Not too bad but it was a cold 34 degrees. Results should come back tomorrow and we are hopeful for negatives all around. 
Ally went to practice. Becky went to Best Buy for some cables and parts for the new Ps5.

After practice, some dinner and a break Ally and Becky ended up on the 3rd floor playing Call of Duty. Ally has been looking forward to playing it with Becky for 2 months. It’s so nice to see it finally happen.

I’ve binge watched Netflix and enjoyed some quiet time today.  We are all looking forward to the next 8 days of no school. And no therapy (all 3 of our therapists are on vacation).  Ally has practice and I will need to do some work, but no school is such a gift right now. 

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