Monday, January 23, 2012

Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year!!!!
Its now officially the year of the dragon.
Ally has been learning about this at school. She has Chinese class once a week - there is a Chinese Immersion School that shares her building this year and its a nice enrichment and way to learn about another culture. She asked on Sunday (yesterday) what we were doing to celebrate. I said not really anything. Then this morning she asked if we could please do something to celebrate. How could I say no?
So I did a little research on my lunch break and came up with a craft project, a cooking project and decided we would have veggie fried rice for dinner.

Here are Ally and mama working on the fortunes.
For the home made fortune cookies I made! Becky had to fold them - I am pretty origami challenged.
Then mama and Ally colored in their Dragon Masks.
Aren't they fierce?
Then they played a game Ally made up - it entailed cards with animals and a spinner. It seemed very complicated to me. I finished making dinner and then I colored my dragon.
Me sporting my dragon mask and showing off the yummy dinner.
Our fortunes!
Ally decided to color symbols for the ones she did - the yellow and red symbolize favorite color (mama's), the grey is for snow.
The written ones I did to surprise Ally and Becky - I am so very hopeful they will come true soon!
Ally with her "fortune teller" that is what she kept calling the cookies.
It was a pretty fun time.

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