Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year & Ally-isms

It's January 2, 2012 and wow 2011 was an amazing year.
Ally turned 5, started in junior kindergarten an public school, where we hope she'll be thru 8th grade, and Becky and I got married. At the wedding several people commented on how much this blog means to them, and how it helps friends and family who live far away stay in touch with us and know what is going on in our lives and with Ally. I contemplate ending the blog every once in a while. It is a lot of work. And sometimes I wonder how Ally will feel about it when she gets older. But I like it, I like documenting her childhood and sharing it with people I care about, and who care about us. I hope she'll be happy to have this record of her life. She's the only child we're going to have and since I know I won't remember all the fun, boring, exciting, trivial, amazing things about her, by blogging I at least know that I can always look back and be reminded.
Now its time for some Ally-isms:
Stampler - this is what Ally calls a stapler. I think its genius - since a stapler is something that you stamp (or press) your hands down on.
Aminals - this one actually kind of grates on me, but Becky loves it and its pretty cute.

Han-i-tizer - again, love this one - Hand Sanitizer - frankly I think we should all call it Han-i-tizer

My ear exploded - this is a recent one to describe the feeling of her ears popping

Hand of it - there was a blog post on this a few months ago - instead of "hang of it"

Can I tell you something? ARGH - if I could eliminate this phrase from her vocabulary I would. She asks this all the time "Mommy, Can I tell you something?" Sometimes I want to say no just to see what her reaction would be. But to be honest since Ally is not a big talker, I am always so glad to hear what ever it is she wants to tell me.

Again....Again....Again - this is when we do a trick she wants it again...again...again. 3 is usually my limit and then I say last time. But one of the perks in having a small child is that I can still lift her way above my head, and twirl her around in my arms and flip her and such. And she squeals with glee.

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